DIY Business Plan Template and Three Year Accounting and Planning Tool For Zazzlers

DIY Business Plan Template and Three Year Accounting and Planning Tool For Zazzlers

Few businesses start without a business because they are a roadmap to success.

Perhaps the best thing we ever did to become successful was to create a simple business plan. Creating a business plan forced us to think about all aspects of our business in ways we had not done before. It has kept us focused and organized. Our business plan helped us grow.

No one likes to think about creating a plan. It sounds formidable. Where do you start? What goes into a business plan?

The DIY Business Plan Template is a business plan template for Zazzlers. It is a Word document. Spend some time thinking about your Zazzle business and then change out our example text for yours. Complete instructions.

As a business person you also need to track your finances . . . income and expenses. Plus make a financial plan to measure your success against. We've set up that system for you, as well, with The Three Year Accounting and Planning Tool For Zazzlers.

Easily add your data into an Excel worksheet and everything automatically recalculates. Track your monthly and annual revenue and expenses. There is one sheet for each year plus a Three Year Comparison sheet that shows you all your yearly totals in one spot along with charts to visualize your progress. Also, a brief instructions sheet.

Tracking your royalties, referrals and more is a valuable source of information to help you focus and grow.

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